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Tipsy Tasting Classes

Chocolate Tasting Classes

Did you know, chocolate has over 200 flavor compounds? In addition to the type and mix of beans, the taste is also influenced by how it's made. Single-origin chocolates are as unique as a bottle of wine with a particular grape, year and vineyard.


In this class, discover the unique qualities of "the food of the gods" - theobroma cacao - otherwise knows as chocolate! Use all five senses to savor several different single-origin chocolates. Discover how to talk about chocolate, detect particular flavor notes using your sense of taste, smell and sight, and learn how beans from different regions compare. While tasting and comparing chocolates, we’ll discuss the history of chocolate and the historical ties chocolate has to Massachusetts!


What's included in the class?

  • 2-hr guided session led by chocolate expert

  • Single- and blended-origin chocolate samples

  • All materials provided

  • Alcohol not included (BYOB/W)



Private Tours

Not a boozy fan? That's fine, we can book alcohol-free private chocolate walking tours of Back Bay for parties of 4 or more. Children welcome! 

Bachelorette Parties

Want to make your bachelorette party exciting and unique? Book a "Naughty and Nice" package for a specialized Tipsy Truffle Making Experience. 

Specialty Chocolate Classes

Have a corporate event, team building experience or need a chocolate expert? Contact us for specialty chocolate tasting classes designed for your needs. 

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