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Due to the current COVID-19 crisis, we have suspended all in-person offerings. We hope you stay safe and well during this time.


We are currently offering Virtual Tasting Packages. To find out more, please email

Four Sample Package

Includes 4 samples of dark chocolates made from single-origin producers, with beans from Madagascar, Dominican Republic, Ecuador and Venezuela, plus a cacao nib sample. Each participant will receive 1.5oz samples of each origin in our tasting.

Tasting Kit + Shipping - $26 per participant

Service Fee - $200



Hyper-local Craft Chocolate 

Includes 3 samples of single-origin dark chocolates from a local chocolate maker in New England. Each participant will receive 3oz samples of each origin in our tasting and a wine pairing list will be included in your tasting kit.

Tasting Kit - $34 per participant

Service Fee - $200


During the 1.5hr experience, I will show you and your guests how to use all five senses when tasting different single-origin chocolates. You’ll discover how to talk about chocolate, detect particular flavor notes using your sense of taste, smell and sight, and learn how beans from different regions compare. Using the Tipsy Chocolate's Flavor Wheel to identify tasting notes in each sample, your guests will be able to visually see what their tastebuds detect as they go through each tasting with the group. While tasting and comparing chocolates, we’ll discuss the history of chocolate and the historical ties chocolate has to Massachusetts! 

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