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Anne Wright, Chocolate Expert

How I Started Tipsy Chocolates

An obsessed chocolate lover, I want to share my passion with you! A chance encounter with a chili-infused chocolate kicked off what has now been over a decade of searching the globe for the best and most unique chocolates. My chocolate career began with leading chocolate tours in New York City, taking people to the best chocolate shops in Tribeca, SoHo and Union Square. I continued leading chocolate tours in Boston's Back Bay after I relocated to Cambridge, MA. I've studied chocolate making through Ecole Chocolate's program and was a professional chocolatier for gâté comme des filles in Somerville.


Now the founder of Tipsy Chocolates, I get to do what I love doing - making and talking about chocolate. I offer a number of chocolate-related services for those who are obsessed, like me! Together we can discover some sweet treats around Boston, pair some chocolatey creations with complimentary wines, or make some Tipsy Truffles with your friends!

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